Almedahls Design Studio

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Almedahls Design Studio is the creative heart of the Company. The studio has a permanent staff of designers and developers, which is from time to time complemented with temporary and project based creative resources. This ensures that we may constantly combine a sense of continuity with new - and sometimes thought-provoking - external input.

At the core, Almedahls Design Studio is responsible for maintaining and developing the design legacy, and design driven culture of the Company.

In the words of a Staff Designer: “We have an inheritance to care for. The Almedahls spirit has grown through generations of designers. In the beginning mostly Swedish creators of form and expression. Now, with an appropriate mix of Nordic and International designers.”

On a day-to-day basis the team is involved in a large number of activities; from trendspotting across development of new expressions and materials, to contributing to specific product development projects. Attracting and managing a large external pool of designers also fall under the responsibility of the Studio.

Our customers benefit from Almedahls Design Studio not only through our comprehensive range of standard products across solar protection fabrics, hanging textiles, rugs, upholstery fabrics and Home interior decoration products. Moreover, the Studio is directly involved – often in creative meetings with customer representatives – in development of unique, customer specific designs and products.